Creative Real Estate Marketing

Updated: May 17

In a tech-driven world where e-commerce is at an all time high, creative marketing strategies are more important than ever for your real estate listings. The market is hot and properties are being sold in record times with multiple offers. Therefore, it is important to stand-out against the competition. There are various Real Estate Marketing strategies that we offer and recommend.

HGS | Creative Marketing is a marketing agency located in Los Angeles, California. We offer photography, videography, digital marketing and more.

Real Estate Films:

Property listings with a virtual tour receive 4 times the amount of inquires then real estate listings that don't have a virtual tour. The reason behind this has to do with websites such as Zillow,, Redfin and more. These sites want their users to spend as much time as possible browsing their site, and therefore, they publish listings with virtual tours at the top of search results in order to keep their users engaged. The more exposure that your listing gets, the more likely it is to sell quickly and for above market.

At HGS | Creative Marketing, we take a different approach to property films than the standard property tour video that you will see. To start, all of our films are shot on a RED Digital Cinema camera, which is used professionally to shoot movies, commercials and more. This camera gives the film more of a cinematic look.

We then use cinematic songs, sounds and voice-over. All of these sounds paired together give the film a 'movie trailer' feel and run consistent with our cinematic outlook.

Lastly, we are an FAA Part 107 licensed drone operator. This allows us to fly in areas that normal people aren't allowed to, such as airports etc. It is illegal to fly a drone commercially without a license, and the liability could fall back on the client if they do not perform their due diligence.

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It goes without saying how important good photography is when marketing a real estate listing. Real Estate Photography goes far beyond setting a camera up on a tri-pod and snapping a photo. In order to get high quality, professional and eye-catching results, numerous strategies are required by the photographer.

At HGS | Creative Marketing, we utilize the photography strategies of bracketing, Photoshop and Lightroom. We spend more time editing our photos than actually taking them, and the results show.

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Digital Marketing:

As mentioned above, in a modern world where everything is digital, having a strong digital presence is extremely important for your business. We are seeing a large up-take in the relation between strong social media presence and sales. It is important to post consistently 4-5 times across your feeds per week and 6-10 times across your stories per week.

We understand that keeping up with this demand can be difficult and take away from your actual work; and that is where we come in. HGS | Creative Marketing offers a simple social media package billed weekly that meets all of the necessary criteria. Please contact us for more information.

Paid advertising is also a good; cost effective way to get in front of the people that you want to. Utilizing Facebook ADs and Google ADs, we can target exactly the person that you are trying to reach down to the zip code. This technique offers a relatively low cost-per-click and significantly increases the traffic to your website and social media.


In conclusion, strong real estate marketing is a necessity in today's world and is guaranteed to stir up more business for you. Properties with a virtual tour receive 4 times the amount of inquires then properties without one, professional real estate photography goes beyond what you might think and establishing a strong digital presence is extremely important.

HGS | Creative Marketing offers all of the services listed above. We are a Los Angeles based marketing firm offering photography, videography, digital marketing and more. Schedule a call today to see how we can help you.