RED Digital Cinema Cameras

At HGS Creative Marketing LLC, we pride ourselves on the use of the best film equipment currently available on the market. All of our films are shot on a Netflix approved RED Digital Cinema Camera, the Komodo.

Hear from Jason Momoa (Aquaman) himself about just exactly what the RED Komodo has to offer.

RED Digital Cinema has been around for 16 years and manufactures professional digital cinematography cameras. Many famous movies and shows such as the Irishman, Rambo, Nobody and many more have been shot on RED. For a full list of movies and shows that have been shot on red, please go here:

Adding the RED Komodo to our arsenal has allowed us exponential creativity, quality and overall better cinematography for all of our projects. We can take ordinary shoots and make them look spectacular just by the equipment that we use.

Our goal is to bring cinema to real estate marketing. We aim to make every real estate film highly cinematic and engaging, sort of like a movie trailer for a home. By using the RED Komodo, cinematic songs, sounds, voice-over and transitions, our films are sure to make a lasting impression on potential buyers and your clients. Watch one of our films shot on RED and DJI Drone below.

The RED Komodo gives us many more options when shooting, including the option to shoot in 6K and to drastically edit the colors and lighting in post-production with the R3D RAW files.

HGS Creative Marketing goes beyond real estate as well. We have experience shooting Music Videos, Concerts, Lifestyle, Events and much more. We are here to help you think outside of the box for your marketing content.

In today's digital world, obtaining the highest quality possible for your marketing material not only helps capture the attention of potential buyers, but helps to woo your clients as well. Schedule a free consultation below.

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