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Henry Skinner is a creative individual with a diverse set of skills.  Henry has been practicing Photography and Videography from a young age and has extensive experience with a wide variety of equipment and editing software.  Henry graduated from Arizona State University with a BA in Business (Legal Studies) and has been utilizing his skills in a professional setting ever since.

Henry is an FAA Part 107 Licensed Drone Pilot.

On top of Henry's strong creative drive, Henry is an extremely interpersonal individual with a strong self-starter mentality.  Henry has been a Licensed Real Estate Agent in California for 3 years and has proven success in the area(s) of Digital Marketing, Photography and Videography.  Henry has successfully sold a 1.85 million dollar home that was located hundreds of miles from his location, solely through his own Photos, Video and Digital Marketing.

Henry is the founder of HGS | Creative Marketing, which is a Creative Marketing Agency based out of Los Angeles. HGS | Creative Marketing offers a wide range of services guided to act as a 'one-stop shop' for Real Estate Professionals marketing needs. 


Henry  is tech-savvy and familiar with all of the latest Social Media Marketing trends.  With proven success in the Real Estate industry as well as published work through various lifestyle brands, Henry is sure to be a quality asset to your organization.

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